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15 Adult Jokes Hidden In Toy Story Movies

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The Toy Story movies are full of jokes you probably never noticed as a kid! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Woody, Buzz and the rest have given us a lot of laughs over the course of the Toy Story series. Whether we’ve rooted for them to escape Sid’s house in one piece or hoped they wouldn’t all fall into that incinerator, the high drama of these toys’ lives have been lightened up by on-point jokes and some well-played bits of comedy. So join ScreenRant as we dive into Andy’s toy box. Here, we’ll go over 15 adult jokes that may have been missed by younger viewers of the Toy Story movies. All Pixar films have a lot happening on the screen, and even more happening under the surface.

These toys have minds of their own and they don’t always play nice. Some moments may have scared kids while keeping the older viewers engaged in the onscreen action. These scenes include the creepy toys lurking in the shadows of Sid’s house, Mr. Potato Head’s reference to a certain cubist painter, Stinky Pete’s dealings with Barbie dolls, the existence of certain puddles in the daycare, and of course, Lumpy the clown. There’s also the unstable dynamic between Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and the poker game played on the See n’ Say. Other mature moments center around sandbox jail, Buzz Lightyear’s wingspan, Andy’s college experience, Ken’s ascot and handwriting, Bo Peep’s sheep, and a deleted sequence between Woody and Barbie. Stay tuned to ScreenRant to learn more about Toy Story and other Pixar movies you love!


Entry 1 - Sid’s Creepy Toys
Entry 2 - Mr. Picasso Head
Entry 3 - Stinky Pete’s Barbie Party
Entry 4 - Puddles in Day Care
Entry 5 - Lumpy the Clown
Entry 6 - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
Entry 7 - Jokes at Mrs. Potato Head’s Expense
Entry 8 - The Poker Game
Entry 9 - Andy in College
Entry 10 - Buzz’s Wingspan
Entry 11 - Sandbox Jail
Entry 12 - Ken’s Ascot
Entry 13 - Ken’s Handwriting
Entry 14 - Peeping After Bo Peep’s Sheep
Entry 15 - Woody and Barbie’s Deleted Moment

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